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This solution provides a wide range of tools used in the day-to-day business of telecommunications operators, service providers and media and entertainment groups. It allows these organizations to manage and efficiently track their services, combine and aggregate existing services into new composite services, share and distribute digital media, and offer these services to subscribers across a range of devices. Services are offered directly by the company, outsourced to a partner, or hosted online, and include Microsoft hosted messaging and collaboration (HMC), web-based e-mail, voice-over-IP (VoIP), presence, advanced telephony (such as voice mail and multiparty conferencing) and IPTV, which can be provided directly.

This Microsoft Framework is able to overcome the main challenge of integrating different operating systems of companies (including OSS and billing systems) with the software. The solution is also able to assimilate the many different services offered by a company, spanning across various administrational domains, with one another. This function is particularly significant as a lack of standards for building a web based service and the time consuming development process needed to integrate a new service with the already existing platform make it difficult to create new services.
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