The aim of ADS is to examine a client’s current situation and determine the dimensions of an individually designed solution. Each ADS session usually lasts from one to five days, during which time we deliver an in-depth analysis of your specific needs, providing the ideal solution.

Our team of trained professionals obtains data about a particular project through varying methods, including presentations, workshops, hands-on demonstrations and interviews with key stakeholders. On the technical side, Capital Telecom experts assess existing operating platforms and study the best techniques to integrate the suggested solution while taking into consideration constraints that may impact the implementation process.

At the end of the ADS sessions, a catered solution is designed in accordance with the specifications determined from the analysis. The major capabilities of the suggested solution are outlined and the added value to the client’s business is defined through our comprehensive Requirements and Recommendations Document (RRD).

Our all-inclusive ADS sessions cover a wide spectrum of solutions, including:
  • Hosted Messaging and Collaboration (HMC)
  • Web and Data Hosting
  • Hosted CRM
  • Services Aggregation Framework
  • Migration to Hosted Exchange
  • SMS and mobility
  • Faxination
  • Unified Communication
  • Other Microsoft products (Active Directory, SQL, ISA, Exchange, SharePoint, CRM).
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